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Biometry Offering

Do you know Keyrus Life Science's expertise in Biometry?
With over 20 years of experience as a CRO, we have developed strong skills in the collection, transformation and analysis of clinical research data.

We support you throughout the entire value chain in Biometry:
(i) to set up your study, through its design, methodology, but also operationally with the type of randomisation chosen,
(ii) to manage the collection and ensure reliability of the data collected, thanks to high-performance EDCs and our experienced data managers,
(iii) to structure and transform your database, in CDISC standard formats, or
(iv) to perform the biostatistical analysis of these data, and the drafting of the study report,
Keyrus Life Science is able to guide and accompany you, and to deliver its services through the model most adapted to your project and your organisation.

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